New Blog, New Language, New Platform... New Audience

New Blog, New Language, New Platform... New Audience

Hi there! Julien here. Welcome to my new blog: Lifeline. You may know me better from my other blog — JULIENS. Blog — where I have been writing content (or wrote if you account for the last time I actually published some real content) in French for years... since 2012, actually.

So, why a new blog then? Well, I was tired to write in French. The blogging community in this language clearly lacks some professionalism, and contents just seem to be generally less qualitative and more focused towards clicks. Although I do not forbid myself from publishing in French on this blog in the future using a dedicated tag, that is why I started this new website. I wanted something that appeals more to my fellow readers of the Shakespearean language and something to work on in order to further enhance my writing skills and... and above all, to share my passions.

JULIENS. | Blogging & Portfolio
Bienvenue sur mon site regroupant écriture occasionnelle sur mon blog et mon portfolio d’expérimentations en photographie, design web/graphique et plus...
My other (french) blog for the ones interested

What about the title, though? Lifeline. Well, it says it all. For me, focusing on my passions and thinking about what the future may hold and how I can help shaping it more towards what I envision are the two elements that keep me alive. Therefore, with this blog referring primarily to those passions, this is my lifeline. Got it? (I hope so... because this is a cry for help, jk.)

By the way, you may have noticed that I revealed my full identity here. I taught it was time for me to face consequences and link my name to my actual content. After all, 2020 has seen weirder things...

I hope that in the end this new blog, which is by the way hosted by myself on a simpler platform (I'm using Ghost — farewell, WordPress), will push me to publish more content, more regularly. If you are as excited as I am, don't forget to add this RSS feed to your favorite reader and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

P.S.: Lifeline: a blog by Julien SATTI is hosted and managed by DueWork in France on a virtual machine running Ghost over Debian 10 and is fully compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 (as it should).

Stay tuned!